Tag your sedentary time

Sedentary behaviour are all the things we do when sitting or reclining.
We are trying to understand how to class this type of activities so that we can understand better their impact on health and wellbeing.  We need your help!
You are going to be presented with a set of pictures taken while doing a seated activity from the point of view of the person seating. We would like you to imagine you are that person and think of time in your daily life when you are in a similar situation. Please enter in the box below each picture as many as keywords that for you describe that activity or what it means to you. These keywords might for example describe what the activity is but also why you do them. This is like tagging pictures on facebook for example.. The pictures can appear a little vague this is done on purpose. It is easy to class clear cut situations but life is a lot of shade of grey.

Note, please scroll down to see all the pictures. Many thanks for your time